Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mouse Pad

Also introducing Atwell Industries Mouse Pad.

Tired of ugly neoprene mouse pads?

Atwell Industries

I made a desk.

My struggle with desks on the market today is... If you wanted a large surface area you had to go with a L shaped desk. I didn't want any goofy L shaped surfaces with distracting seams and separations 

I wanted a desk that was visually light and physically big. I wanted a surface to function as a assembly line and remain a clean piece of furniture. 

Surface area 8'x3'

Total cost $90

and theres only one of these desks in the world

More products coming soon...

My New Office

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One Rule, Work.

Things I like.

Always thinking

Atwell Industries: Mouse Pad

Poster by Mike Pierce

Muse & Iron and Wine same week..

Iron and Wine