Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Poster at work

Working on a poster for a movie series at work.

Basic idea: One creative picks a inspirational film. Other creatives watch film during lunch.

This was going on back in 2008 and now it's "back by popular demand"

Friday, November 19, 2010

Nutty flea market

Some how I ended up here. It's a flea market, most of it indoors. off west broad, in Columbus OH.

Lots of things seemed stolen. 

Would love todo an extended photo series here.


Then I went over to Westland Mall...

Bickham Script Pro

Bickham Script, one of the most famous and classic script typefaces. 
However the cap "C" has always bugged me. So I put Bickham under the knife. 

"Cutting" is part of verbiage form a holiday poster series.  

Letters Modified: C,U,T,I.


Not sure why but I like this.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mouse Pad

Also introducing Atwell Industries Mouse Pad.

Tired of ugly neoprene mouse pads?

Atwell Industries

I made a desk.

My struggle with desks on the market today is... If you wanted a large surface area you had to go with a L shaped desk. I didn't want any goofy L shaped surfaces with distracting seams and separations 

I wanted a desk that was visually light and physically big. I wanted a surface to function as a assembly line and remain a clean piece of furniture. 

Surface area 8'x3'

Total cost $90

and theres only one of these desks in the world

More products coming soon...

My New Office

Books and things

One Rule, Work.

Things I like.

Always thinking

Atwell Industries: Mouse Pad

Poster by Mike Pierce

Muse & Iron and Wine same week..

Iron and Wine

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just got back from Denver. Lots of great texture and color out there

REI flagship store in Denver, I dig the signage.

Rocky Mountain National Park 

Wash Park, Denver.

Played here as a kid, Boulder

Sunset, Denver.

Mountain Top

 Mountain Top

Keith's rugby game

Great little ticket

Parents had this in a garage sale.

2010 CSCA pinewood.

My spent too much time on making it look ugly pinewood car, made it to the final 8.

Why have a blog?

To share...

I plan on posting things that inspire me and projects I am working on. Everything will revolve around design.

Is blog ing outdated ?

Time to populate this thing.